Various the roots of america's music

Historical Accounts
We have collected a number of accounts of Thornbury and the surrounding area at various periods.  Some of these have been sent to us by our readers.  We are always grateful for more!  Read More

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Because rotary lobe pumps need to maintain a clearance between the lobes, a single stage Roots blower can pump gas across only a limited pressure differential. If the pump is used outside its specification, the compression of the gas generates so much heat that the lobes expand to the point that they jam, damaging the pump.

Site Designed & Maintained by Edda Design     YOUR SHOPPING CART Held on the banks of the picturesque Hawkesbury River in the historic township of Windsor, this annual event is a " must see " for lovers of great heritage and established blues and roots acts, as well as a plethora of up and coming artists.

Searching for electric motors for his liftrucks, one of the company’s founders, Alexander Brown, came across motors designed by Thomas Parker and P. Bedford Elwell and purchased the rights to manufacture the motors in his factory.

Various The Roots Of America's MusicVarious The Roots Of America's MusicVarious The Roots Of America's MusicVarious The Roots Of America's Music