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Williams died on September 25, 2012, following a years-long battle with bladder cancer. He was survived by his wife, Debbie, and three children from his marriage to Longet: Robert, Noelle and Christian.

Andy is predominantly a diminutive version of the male given name Andrew , and variants of it such as Andreas and Andrei. The form of the variation is based on the Scottish "-ie" diminutive ending. Andrew is derived from the Greek name Andreas , meaning "man". Andi is also occasionally used as a diminutive for the female given name Andrea in the English , German , Scandinavian and Spanish feminine version of the name Andrew (although Andrea is a masculine name in Italian ). Although it's unusual, some people named Alexander go by Andy. It is also occasionally spelled "Andie", "Andi", "Andii", or "Andee" (these more often as a feminine name, but not exclusively). Andy (in and of itself, not as a nickname) is the 217th most popular name in the US, with less than % of the people with this spelling of the name being female. The Indian names Anand and Anindya are also sometimes shortened to Andy.

In the issue of Billboard magazine dated November 28, 2009, the list of the "Top 10 Holiday Songs (Since 2001)" places the Williams recording of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" at number five. [22] 2001 also marks the first year in which the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (also known as ASCAP) started compiling data regarding the radio airplay of holiday songs, and although the Williams classic started out at number 25 of 25 songs that were ranked that year, [23] it gained steam over the next 10 years, reaching number 18 in 2002, [24] number 13 in 2003, [25] and eventually getting to number four in 2010. [26]

This year, there are expected to be 14,880 deaths from bladder cancer , and 73,510 new cases of the disease, the National Cancer Institute reported.

Andy Williams The Andy Williams ShowAndy Williams The Andy Williams ShowAndy Williams The Andy Williams ShowAndy Williams The Andy Williams Show